South America

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Jose Ingenieros
Born Giuseppe Ingegnieri
(April 24, 1877 – October 31, 1925)

Herbert Spencer and Auguste Comte philosophically influenced Ingenieros. Ingenieros founded the Buenos Aires Institute of Criminology in 1907, the Argentine Psychological Society in 1908 and was elected President of the Argentine Medical Association in 1909. He focused on defending immigrants’ laborers and workers.

Image Caption: Photo of Jose Ingenieros from cover of special issue of Nosotros (1925). Signature from dedication of doctoral thesis to friend Emilio Zucarini.

Paulo Freire
(September 19, 1921 – May 2, 1997)

Freire was committed to giving a
voice to the poor and his ideas on
education were intended to make
people politically aware. His
methods, using critical dialogue and
consciousness-raising are not only
applicable in his country of origin
(Brazil) but widely used by a whole
generation of social workers
working in deprived neighborhoods
across poor and rich countries alike.

Image Caption: Panel Paulo Freire. CEFORTEPE - Center for Training, Technology and Educational Research Prof.
"Milton de Almeida Santos", SME-Campinas.

South America