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The Helping Pioneers

The Helping Pioneers Intro.jpg

Social work is a career that is rewarding yet challenging. Social workers contribute to the society by helping people overcome difficulties and improve their lives. Social work pioneers are social workers who have explored new territories and built outposts for human services on many frontiers around the globe. Some of these pioneers are well known while others are less famous outside the field of social work and the region where they live and work. However, each one of them has made an important contribution to the social work profession and to social policies through service, teaching, writing, research, program development, administration, or legislation. This exhibit highlights the actions/contributions of prominent (or influential) individual social workers from various countries spanning across six continents.

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Diversity Beyond the Dictionary: An Interactive Exhibit

Diversity Exhibit Intro.jpg

The Diversity and Culture Committee at The Universities at
Shady Grove works to promote a positive institutional culture
that appreciates diversity, enriches the educational experience
of students and supports a healthy workplace environment and
promotes personal growth.
As a way to recognize diversity we have listed some
diversity-related terms and their Oxford dictionary definitions.
Please, engage the community by participating in this
interactive exhibit. Write your own understanding of what
these words mean to you. Pens are hanging on each poster for
you to participate.
Since creating a safe learning environment is a priority for USG,
we encourage all members of the USG Community to utilize the
USG Center for Counseling and Consultation at 301-738-6273
for assistance or referral in case needed.

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Celebrations Across Nations

International Holiday SP18 Intro.jpg

Holidays across the world whether religious or cultural
are celebrated with rich customs and various traditions.
Taking a look at the ways in which different cultures
celebrate their holidays allows us to learn about what is
important to them and gives us a glimpse of their culture
and practices.

This exhibit explores eighteen holidays that represent
and are celebrated by diverse religions as well as
cultures that span beyond borders. While this exhibit
covers only a fraction of the festivities that exist and
occur around the world, it aims to initiate an acceptance,
interest, learning and appreciation for diversity.

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Women on the Money

Women on the Money - Intro.jpg

In this exhibit, we present a representation of the diversity and regularity of women as the face on a unit of currency in their respective countries. Women on the countries’ national currency signifies a progressive step toward gender equality and highlights the vital roles that women play in making the world a better place.

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Fighting Zika

ZIKA - History 2.jpg

Collection of posters provides the known information surrounding the Zika virus as of February 2016.

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