The Helping Pioneers Asia.jpg

Ngoh-Tiong Tan
(63 Years Old)
Republic of Singapore

Dr. Ngoh–Tiong Tan earned his doctorate in
social work in 1988 and is a leading social
work scholar within the Asia–Pacific region.
Dr. Tan was one of ten social work pioneers
honored in 2016 for laying the groundwork for
improving lives in Singapore. Dr. Tan played an
important role in the development of social
services in Singapore over the last 30 years.

Image Caption: A portrait of social work volunteer helping a mother and her son during a medical civic action program at Nai Hiem Dong Medical Station in Singapore.

Rosaleen Ow
(69 Years Old)
Republic of Singapore

Dr. Rosaleen Ow works at the Department
of Social Work, National University of
Singapore and as a senior lecturer at the
University. She does research in
Qualitative Social Research, Social Theory
and Behavioral Science. Beside academic
commitments, her social work practice
includes working with low–income families
in Singapore. Dr. Rosaleen was another of
ten social work pioneers honored in 2016.

Image Caption: Overview of Bukit Batok, an example of a satellite town developed in the 1970s to which Dr. Ow has referred many clients.