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Octavia Hill
(December 3, 1838 – August 13, 1912)
Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Octavia Hill believed that a well-maintained home, however small, with light, air, space and with neighbors who care about each other is one of life’s main necessities. She bought three houses in what is now central London. Each week, she personally collected the rent and discussed with the tenants the problems that were facing them. Housing was the foundation for her work, then she went on to help found the National Trust in 1894.

Image Caption: Portrait of Octavia Hill, 1881.

Elizabeth Fry
Born Elizabeth Gurney
(May 21, 1780 – October 12, 1845)
Norwich England

Elizabeth Fry is best known for her achievements in the reform of the British prison system and became known as “the angel of the prisons”. Her methods were so effective that in 1823 much of her approach was incorporated into British prison law. She was consulted by Queen Victoria and Parliament.

Image Caption: Portrait of Elizabeth Fry Gurney.